Why you should never buy a Consew sewing machine (part 3)

This is part three of our 2 needle Consew 389RB-2 sewing machine nightmare.

Now it was the week of November 1st (2012) and the machine was still not operating properly but we were fully relying on it for a vehicle we had sponsored that needed to be ready for one of the biggest car events in South Florida (Simply Clean 4), which was on November 10th.

As we began working on the car the machine repeated all of the prior conditions (skipping stitches, bundling the thread, extremely loose seams, over tightening on one of the needles regardless of adjustments).

This time however, when the technician was working on the machine, baffled by it’s consistent failure , he noticed that the tower (it is a post machine) was not centered. And to top it off, in the middle of one of the practice seams a loud noise occurs and the feed dog went completely loose. After tilting the machine over the tech notices that the screw (part # 12131) that holds the feed dog assembly on had come completely out of its hole and was now on the oil pan. The tech attempted to put it back on but realized that when the screw was screwed on tightly, the feed dog would not move, however if the screw was not tightened fully it would continue to loosen which would eventually cause it to fall it in the same way it had just occurred.

The tech believed the machine had either been assembled with the wrong screw or something had been machined improperly. Wonderful.

Luckily the tech managed to tighten the screw just enough for the feed dog to operate but with the chance that it could fall out again. Now it was November 8th and the owner needed the car by the afternoon of the 9th at the very latest in order to have it prepped and in Daytona in time for the show, and we were down to the last few pieces which were the passenger side seat bottom, and all of the headrests. About midway through the 8th we began attempting to sew the passenger seat bottom but now the machine, regardless of what adjustments we did on it would sew a completely loose seam. At this point it was 2 AM and we had no other choice but to put the car back together with the poorly sewn pieces. Luckily for us, the worst areas were in spots that somebody looking at the interior from the outside of the car would not notice.


It only keeps getting better! [heavy sarcasm] Part 4 of our 2 needle Consew 389RB-2 Sewing machine nightmare


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