Why you should never buy a Consew sewing machine (part 1)

Over the past seven months we have been dealing with what most people would call a nightmare thanks to a brand new Consew sewing machine we purchased. In April (2012) we purchased a Consew 389RB-2 2 needle machine brand new from a distributor in the area. We will not mention his company because he has been nothing but a gentleman and is doing his best at the moment to help us out. The machine cost us $3,500.00 shipped and setup at our shop by the distributor’s own mechanic.

While the tech was setting the 389RB-2 we realized that the 4 stitches per inch that the handle states it should be able to sew was impossible. The closest we were able to set the machine to was 5 stitches per inch, which we were not happy. We began attempting to use the machine after it had been set and tuned by the technician it immediately began having problems. This being a 2 needle makes it a sewing machine we do not use every day but rather on special projects that require French seams.

The first issues we began experiencing were stitch skips. The machine would actually skip a stitch every time we would stop and start sewing throughout the length of the seam we were working on. Every single time we would use the machine, it would have this problem and we would be forced to call the technician to the shop to look at it and adjust the sewing machine.

On one of the occasions when the tech was not available to come to the shop we called Consew themselves in hopes that somebody there would be able to help us correct the problem. Once reaching Consew they transferred us to a guy named Mike who is their veteran engineer. I began explaining the condition to him in a clear and concise way but he would repeatedly cut me off. After about one or two minutes of following his instructions to check something on the machine he says, “you can not keep me on the phone all day, I am very busy and you don’t know what you doing” (in his very heavy Russian accent) and said he would call us back later in the day, which he did not do. Disgruntled by his lack of common courtesy I called Consew back hoping to speak with a manager or someone of high rank and was actually connected with the owner of the company, Murray Feit.

I explained the situation to Mr. Feit and the way his engineer had spoke to me and he replied with “he’s been at the company longer than I have, I’m sorry he was rude, but I don’t know what to tell you.” Talk about customer service.


But it gets better! Part 2 of our Consew 389RB-2 Sewing machine nightmare


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