Leather Conversions

Tailor Made Upholstery is capable of performing leather conversions on almost any car automobile that is originally equipped with cloth or vinyl. We will either hand craft the covers based on the original cloth or vinyl covers, or purchase and install pre-manufactured covers purchased from one of the major seat covers, depending on the vehicle and the client’s desires. If the client is looking for a leather conversion in which they wish to keep the original design of the seats, pre-made seat covers and trim pieces will be purchased from one of our many suppliers. If the client desires a custom, one of a kind leather conversion, we will work directly with them to make their vision a reality.

If you are interested in our leather conversions service and would like pre-manufactured seat covers and trim, click the following link for access to available options specific for your vehicle directly from the company we use.

Katzkin Leather, Inc.

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