Why you should never buy a Consew sewing machine (part 2)

This is part two of our 2 needle Consew 389RB-2 sewing machine nightmare.

Due to the machine not functioning correctly, the technician not being able to fix the machine, and the lack of help we received when we called Consew, we were forced to push a deadline back on a sponsored project car. A few days later the tech came to work on the 389RB-2 and was able to set the machine but regardless of what he did or the time he put into working on the machine it would continue to skip stitches. He simply wrote it off as it being a brand new sewing machine, and that it needed to be broken in. Ok, we accepted that and expected the machine to continue to skip stitches, but according to the tech they would not be as often because of the adjustments he made.

Unfortunately, the condition not only persisted but got worse. Aside from the sewing machine skipping a stitch every single time we would stop and start sewing on a piece, it began making huge bundles of thread on the underside of the piece we were sewing which would cause the seam to either be too tight, or too loose on top.

From the get-go we were considering returning the machine because it clearly did not do what it advertised, was not reliable, and did not sew consistently but the distributor insisted that he and his technician could work out the kinks and have the machine operating perfectly and they would not stop trying until it operated to our satisfaction.

So now we had a two month old 2 needle Consew 389RB-2 that cost us $3,500 and still did not function properly.

It became routine that every time we used the machine we would have to call the tech to come fix it after trying to make the adjustments ourselves and the machine still failing to operate properly. Fast forward seven months and add XX hours of the tech working on the machine and we were still in the same position.


Part 3 of our 2 needle Consew 389RB-2 Sewing machine nightmare


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